Thursday, September 2, 2010

What we've covered so far...

Some of these films might be revisited this month but I thought I’d share this list of Asian horror reviews from DooMo and Cinsom. I can't believe that after 5 years and over 300 reviews, this is all the Asian horror stuff I can come up with. For shame, Richard, for shame!

Here are a few articles...

"Tomie is mine."

"The blood in your family is crazy!"

Hausu Party

And now the reviews...

Art of the Devil

Art of the Devil 2

Baptism of Blood

Dark Water

Demon Prince Enma


Evil Cat

Goke: Bodysnatcher from Hell

The Guard from Underground


Kibakichi 2

Kichiku dai Enkai

Love Ghost

The Last Supper

Machine Girl & Tokyo Gore Police


Nightmare Zone



The Rape After

Sweet Home

The Stewardess

Wicked City

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