Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scrounging at the library...

Oh yes, the library has some crazy VHS. I found, among other things, Heroic Trio, both Bride with White Hair movies, and Tsui Hark's Don't Play with Fire. There is something magical about walking down the VHS aisles. It's like stepping into a time machine. So why haven't they gotten rid of these things and gone completely to DVD? My librarian friend says that VHS actually last longer in a library environment. They aren't as easy to ruin as DVDs. There's something to think about. Or not.


  1. My local library recently got rid of all their VHS movies. I was disappointed because most of the DVDs I get there are so scratched that they won't play on my DVD player.

  2. My library has a lot of VHS, too. I wish I had a VCR.