Friday, October 9, 2020

Halloween TV Specials And Episodes 2020 - Part 2

Be sure to check out part one of this witchy extravaganza if you haven’t already. So yeah, LeEtta and I continue to attempt to overdose on the Halloween spirit because life in 2020 is so awesome and fun (sarcasm). A few favorites this time around from The Lawrence Welk Show and Ned’s Declassified Survival Guide, which would’ve been my favorite show of all time when I was 10 years old. It’s frickin’ brilliant. I saw my first ever episode of The Commish and well, I’ll never do that again. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how astonishingly dull the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula episode was. Not even the legendary Paul Williams could save that snoozer. It’s a two-parter! Why?! I don’t know. More treats to come, folks.

Night Court - Halloween II: The Return of Leon (Season 4, Episode 4) (1986)
Highway to Heaven - The Devil and Jonathan Smith (S2, E5) (1985)
WMAQ Channel 5 - Kidding Around - Halloween '82 (1982)
Magnum, P.I. - The Woman on the Beach (S2, E3) (1981)
Hunter - Killer in a Halloween Mask (S2, E5) (1985)
iCarly - iScream on Halloween (S1, E7) (2007)
The Fairly OddParents - Scary Godparents (S2, E12) (2002)
Growing Pains - Happy Halloween (S6, E7) (1990)
Charlie’s Angels - Haunted Angels (S3, E6) (1978)
The Lawrence Welk Show - Halloween Party (S24, E6) (1978)
SpongeBob SquarePants - Scaredy Pants (S1, E13) (1999)
Tales from the Darkside - Trick or Treat (Pilot) (S1, E0) (1983)
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide - Halloween & Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts and Zombies (S3, E3) (2006)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It (S2, E7) (1997)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace (S4, E6) (1999)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - The Halloween Scene (S5, E6) (2000)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Murder on the Halloween Express (S6, E4) (2001)
Clueless - Trick or Treat (S2, E6) (1997)
Beverly Hills, 90210  Halloween (S2, E13) (1991)
Clueless - Scream Again Murray, Scream Again! (S3, E5) (1998)
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976)
Happy Days - Haunted (S2, E6) (1974)
Halloween Safety (Centron Corp.) (1977)
Halloween Safety (Updated) (Centron Corp.) (1985)
Halloween Party (Encyclopedia Britannica Films) (1953)
The Carol Burnett Show - Episode #6.11 (S6, E11) (1972)
EastEnders - Episode #1.74 (S1, E74) (1985)
Poirot - Hallowe'en Party (S12, E2) (2011)
21 Jump Street - Old Haunts in the New Age (S4, E6) (1989)
The Commish - The Witches of Eastbridge (S2, E5) (1992)
The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XII (S13, E1) (2001)
The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XXIII (S24, E2) (2012)
The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror XXVI (S27, E5) (2015)

Friday, October 2, 2020

Halloween TV Specials and Episodes 2020 - Part 1

Since September 1st of this year, my wife LeEtta and I have been watching a whole mess of Halloween stuff because damn it to hell, we wanted to do things right for a change. So, for these installments of spooky ooky scary hairy witchy gobliny whatever stuff posts, I’m listing them by the order in witch we watched them. I’m not including movies this time since those will be in a separate post. I have included season number, episode number, and year released to help you track this stuff down. There are a few that I just have no clue when they aired or what the actual heck is up with them. Anyway, good luck and have a haunted time. If you have any TV specials or Halloween episodes you love to watch every year, throw them in the comments!

Halloween Crazy (2011)
Halloween Crazier (2012)
Halloween Craziest (????)
The Trouble with Miss Switch (1980)
Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (Season 2, Episode 1) (1977)
Cybill - Halloween (S4, E7) (1997)
Beverly Hills Teens - Halloween in the Hills (S1, E12) (1987)
The Wickedest Witch (1989)
The New Addams Family - Halloween with the Addams Family (S1, E1) (1998)
Recess - Terrifying Tales of Recess (S6, E1) (2001)
Halloween with the New Addams Family (1977)
Ghostbusters - Shades of Dracula (S1, E36) (1986)
DIY Halloween Fright House: Secrets Revealed (2010)
Home Improvement - A Night to Dismember (S7, E5) (1997)
Invader ZIM - Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom (S1, E12) (2001)
Benson - The Stranger (S7, E4) (1985)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - All the Way (S6, E6) (2001)
Doug - Doug's Halloween Adventure (S4, E4) (1993)
America's Funniest Home Videos - Halloween (2007?)
Sabrina The Teenage Witch - A Halloween Story (S1, E5) (1996)
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Romania (S4, E8) (2008)
Highway to Heaven - I Was a Middle Aged Werewolf (S4, E5) (1987)
Party of Five - Wrestling Demons (S6, E4) (1999)
7th Heaven - Halloween (S1, E6) (1996)
Sweet Valley High  The Curse of Lawrence Manson (S1, E7) (1994)
The Haunted History of Halloween (1997)
Halloween Tricked Out (2012)
3rd Rock from the Sun - Scaredy Dick (S3, E5) (1997)
The Beverly Hillbillies - Trick or Treat (S1, E6) (1962)
Martha Stewart - Halloween Episode (2009?)
My So-Called Life - Halloween (S1, E9) (1994)