Monday, August 24, 2009

Ladies of Giallo # 7

Oh wow, look at that. It's Barbara Bouchet! She is the newest Lady of Giallo over at The Daily Tourniquet. Wow, it's Monday. Holy shit, I feel like my brain is on vacation, yo. Anyway, you can read Ladies of Giallo # 7 right here. I hope you digs. I promise to be more coherent once this week has some more days in it.


  1. Another good choice, although I always thought of her as a "lady of euro-crime" for some reason. had no idea she did so many gialli though, almost seems like she did more than any of the other ladies you featured so far.
    The wikipedia link is fairly unflattering though, much as I hate to admit it, she looks heineous these days.

  2. Heinous? No way. I think she's lookin' pretty good. Most of her giallo films were over 35 years ago!

  3. A *fine* woman. Especially back in the days. :)

    Thanks a million for these articles as usual! :D

  4. You're welcome. Just glad to be of service to the giallo community.