Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday Haul

Yesterday was my dang birthday and I thought I'd take a moment to gloat on the glut of sweet presents that showed up on my doorstep or were available at a fine retail establishment (Wal-Mart). Yes, I am totally spoiled (33 going on 13). I will also mention that I totally indulged myself with cigar and Tex Mex and all kinds of other special things for the special birthday boy (ME!).

I actually ordered Countess Dracula/The Vampire Lovers before my birthday but the DVD took so damn long that I will count as my birthday present to myself. Countess Dracula has haunted me for years and years. So damn good.

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers (yikes), you can pick up this sweet apocalyptic double feature in the $5 bin. I love The Last Man on Earth (and he loves me!) but I haven't seen Panic in Year Zero yet.

Since Paramount is a bunch of dicks, this will be the only Friday the 13th I will be replacing on my shelves. The biggest draw being that after nearly 30 years, this film is finally uncut.

This is why wish lists were invented. My sweet wife got me the new Four Flies on Grey Velvet DVD so that I can finally replace my junky bootleg.

Ah yes, a blast from the bast for me. I have very fond memories of renting Dead Pit when it came out on VHS back in the day. This goes into the pile of very, very special things for a very, very special moviethon. Another DVD from my awesome lady.

My mother-in-law is totally great and wonderful. Again, this is why wish lists are so dang genius. At 500+ pages, Nightmare USA is the unholy tome of the ages. I will be buried in this monstrosity for weeks to come.

Last but not least, my friend Nafa hooked me up with my life juice. Vitamin Water is great and XXX is just grand.


  1. Happy birthday! Great haul. Nightmare USA is second only to Mario Bava All the Colors of the Dark as king of my bookshelf.

  2. Thanks! But now I'm jealous, duder. I haven't shelled out the $250 for that Mario Bava book. Do they have layaway?

  3. Happy B-day. Gret stuff. Nightmare USA looks sweet. And Four Flies on official DVD looks beautiful.