Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Notes On Devil Times Five

Sometime in August last year, I watched Devil Times Five with the intention of reviewing it. Well, I'm lazy and I never did get around to it but here are my notes from the film:

soundtrack jazzy AM electro strangeness awesome
demented children's music

who is this Papa Doc? what a dick! Harvey?

is it winter or Summer?

sped up film for the bus crash

evil kidz the children are coming! slowly

don't pick on the simpleton - Ralph
why is this lady seducing a retard? lovely?
what an evil and horrible bitch

chick fight! nudity! sex! classy

slo mo kill scene - ludicrously prolonged and post dubbing
ominous - what a silly little film

Harvey and his wife. they're fun

really odd kids
do they keep switching that one kid? wig? wtf?

a little talky - confusing

happy and dysfunctional

Rick - white butt
very weird


let's reminisce over Harvey

nihilistic but so dang clunky
strange editing
sick and twisted

"I had a mother and two sisters but they squished in a bus."

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