Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Fortune Teller (Coming Soon)

(Are you teased by my teaser?)

This Saturday, I'm going to gather some colleagues of mine together to shoot a short film. I was thinking of calling it "Suggest Me to Hell" but I settled on the much more catchy "Crazy Fortune Teller". The screenplay I wrote (my first by the way) is about a crazy fortune teller with telekinetic powers who has gone mad and is killing her customers. I don't want to give too much away because let's be honest, the internet has too many spoilers already. The aesthetic I'm going for is early 80s home movie written by a demented child.

I'm still using my Sony Hi-8 which my parents bought me for my birthday back in 2000. Hopefully, the old girl is still up for the job. I've got some homemade color gels (transparency sheets with Sharpie ink all over them) for eerie lighting and a bunch of lamps. Blood, brains and bone fragments will be constructed out of felt and yarn.

More about this later.

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