Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Old School Anime - Part 1.5

Sometimes I think Netflix is making fun of me and now I have proof. Psychic Wars is one of those tapes I remember gathering dust on the shelves of Blockbuster. I figured "Hey, how bad could it be?" Take a wild guess. This OVA is about a doctor who removes a tumor from an old lady. The tumor is a demon and the lady is a messenger from Jesus (not really). The good doctor becomes a super doctor, inheriting the powers of ancient warriors and proceeds to fight demons. The animation is occasionally good but the main character is so fucking ugly I want to die. What the plot description on Netflix doesn't tell you is that this is kind of like He-Man but way more embarrassing.

"All that glitters is gold!"

Super Don Johnson!


Gimme them dragon ballz!

He-Man? My Little Pony? WTF?

Oh so now you're trying to be a comedy?

Duder just killed the Roxy Music album cover.

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