Monday, March 8, 2010

Oasis of Fear, other stuff

Godo mroning eevryoen! I won't go into any details of my recent unwellness but mark my words, it was real, real bad. Once I mostly recovered this weekend, I mostly finished making those updates to the Doomed Moviethon that I've been talking about. The main thing is that I am finally free of my old crappy formatting so that I can update the site faster. I was always wasting a lot of time tweaking and retweaking and fiddling and bleh bleh bleh to the old site and it never got me anywhere. Now I'm happy. It's simple and I love it so get used to it. I'm still cleaning up some of the code on the reviews so if you see anything funky, please point and laugh. So yeah, the newest review is of Umberto Lenzi's Oasis of Fear. Check it.

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