Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Doomed Moviethon

On March 1st 2005, I launched Doomed Moviethon. I guess 'launched' isn't really the right way of putting it. My love of horror movies spilled out onto the net and it's been a dirtier and stinkier place ever since. Since then I have begrudgingly broadened my horizons to include cult movies, spaghetti westerns, yakuza films, etc. Yeah I know, what a sellout! I have tried over the years, in my own way, not to suck too badly. I have also tried to keep things as 'commercial free' as possible. I still stand by my mission statement in that I have, so far, successfully resisted clogging my site and my blog with ads for useless shit. One day, I hope to have several books under my belt and you know I'm gonna be peddling them here but you will never see any ads for goth dating sites or cheap Cialis or whatever.

There are a number of people who have helped out along the way. First up is my wife LeEtta who does all the Doomed Moviethon artwork and writes my html. My sweet lady has also suffered through thousands of hours of awful movies and hasn't left me yet. Yay! My friends at work, David and Rue, two old school horror fans, who have provided tons of inspiration for me as well as long lists of movies I need to check out. Next on the thank you list are the DM contributors Eric, Nafa, Shelly, and Jeff. I appreciate your writing reviews and articles for me but more importantly, I appreciate your enthusiasm for film and just giving me a chance to gab endlessly with someone on my favorite topic. Not lunch meat! That is so 2004. I meant horror movies, duder. Geez.

So yeah, I had all this cool stuff planned for today but the weekend slipped away from me. Woops. Gala event ruined! Hopefully this week I'll have some actual new and awesome content for y'all to dig into. Until then... Here is my band playing a sold out show in 2005. (Skip to 2:35 for my guitar solo.)


  1. Congratulations, and many happy returns!

  2. Congratulations, Richard!

    I think that the wives of us horror fanatics really deserve some sort of award for putting up with us...


  3. Congratulations, Richard! And Happy Birthday DM!

  4. 5 years, wow!! Happy Birthday!!