Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Perfect Creature

If it wasn't for my wife I probably wouldn't have nearly as many vampire movies as I do. Like most horror fans, I ran into the minor roadblock of slowly destroying the sanity of my significant other one gorefest at a time. Somewhere along the line, I discovered my sweet lady's love for vampire flicks and we filled some shelf space with them. So when I heard about Perfect Creature, I knew I had to bring this one into the household.

One thing you can always count on in New Zealand horror films is an offbeat viewing experience. Their brains just don't work the same down there which is a very good thing. Writer/director Glenn Standring (The Irrefutable Truth About Demons) brings this freaky little steampunk gem to life. The film is very well made made and even though the plot isn't exactly rocket science, Perfect Creature is fiercely original in its delivery.

The special effects are cool, there's lots of blood, there's a cool vampire dude (played by Dougray Scott) and an angsty vampire dude (Leo Gregory) and a hot chick that gets caught in the middle (Saffron Burrows). There are also several moments where this film slips out of its 2006 release date and feels like some long forgotten 80s movie especially when things get weird. That's good stuff right there. Anyway, give this one a spin some time.

This clip has a particularly deadpan moment at the very end:


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