Monday, November 30, 2009

The Novel - Part 5

I may not know much but I know when to quit. Nanowrimo has defeated me this year even more than it defeated me last year. Unlike last year's dismal failure, I actually have pretty reasonable excuses as to why I only got to 22,000 (and no, I am not going to write 28k words between now and midnight) but truth is, I threw in the towel Friday night. I had all weekend to rock it but chose comic books and horror movies instead. Boo hoo!

But all is not lost. I am very happy to report that what I did manage to get down on digital paper this year is some pretty wild stuff and I'm pretty happy with it. So it's not like I'm frothing at the mouth and deleting everything letter by letter. No, instead I will be spending the next few weeks editing last year's frenzied mess and this year's frenzied mess into a cohesive whole which I casually refer to as the first third of my novel. Then I can start working on the book again. And if I let it sit until next Nanowrimo... So be it. I'm on the write path! Get it?

Okay, so what about Doomed Moviethon? Well kids, I have to tell ya: things are lookin' good. I've got a mess of new content all lined up for December. So keep checking in on me. There will be lots of good stuff as 2009 comes to a close. See you very soon, yo.

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