Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Sentinel

An up and coming model (played by the lovely Christina Raines) moves into an apartment building that OMG, is the gateway to friggin’ Hades. What’s this? A star-studded cast? Gore? Nudity? Masturbation? Exploitation of people with real deformities? Why the hell did I wait so long to see The Sentinel? Michael Winner (Death Wish, The Mechanic, Scream For Help) directs this wild satanic romp. The film features a robust and classy score by Gil Melle (Blood Beach, Embryo) that compliments the excellent cinematography by Richard C. Kratina very nicely. There are some overly clever bits of dialogue that probably sounded much better in the 70s but haven’t aged well. There is also the matter of the plot getting a little too big for its britches and everything just feels crowded and awkward. But these faults are easy to ignore when you take into account just how surreal, beautiful, horrifying and truly disturbing this film is. Recommended.

“I am one of the Legion!”


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