Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Caretaker (300th Review)

(thanks Nafa)


Good morning, my friendly demons. It turns out that The Caretaker is Doomed Moviethon's 300th review. Are you serial? Are you 4 rael? Yeah, it's all true. Maybe I cannibalized some of my blog posts to get there but it's all good in the neighborhood (I guess). I also cannibalized my friend's brains for some reviews as well. A huge DUDER THANKS goes out to my budz Eric, Nafa, Shelly and Jeff who have contributed to Doomed Moviethon over the years. I couldn't have done this shiznit without ya. My huge huger hugest thanks goes to all of you fine folks in the Internetland that have been keeping up with my lousy site all these years. And to all of you DM newbs out there, hello and welcome to my crap!

So yes, The Caretaker will be my last review for a month or so while I prepare for Doomed Moviethon's 5 year anniversary. I'm going to be working on new content as well as a new look for the front page of DM so that on March 1st, there will be some celebration of epic proportions to be celebrated. The biggest thing is consistency. After many years of constantly changing the format of my web pages, there's a lot of shitty looking shit on my site and I am trying very hard for uniformity. So if you happen to notice dead links or some fugly ass layout, please mock me silently and know that I'm doing everything I can to end the funk.

I'll still be around here in a diminished capacity to annoy and disappoint you all, I promise.


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