Friday, September 21, 2012

Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01

Metal Skin Panic Madox-01
Directed by Shinji Aramaki
45 minutes

This weapon designer lady named Ellie designs a weapon called the Madox-01. It's a mechanized suit that allows the person riding in it to blow shit up and fly and jump and shit. She pilots it and during a test run, she pisses off a tank driver named Shitballs. Shitballs vows revenge on Ellie but really he has no real plan of action. I mean, what can he do? This is the military. There is no room for personal vendettas. Do you understand what I'm saying? While the Madox-01 is being transported through the city, a drunk driver causes an accident and the unit falls into the hands of Daydreamer. Daydreamer is a putz who lives with the sexually frustrated Potato Head, the freckle-faced jackoff bastard.

A couple years ago, Daydreamer broke up with his girlfriend because she wasn't paying enough attention to him or whatever. She's back in town and wants to meet up. Stuck inside the Madox-01, Daydreamer decides to keep their date at the top of the MacMillan Toy Company building. This fucking guy. What the fuck? Hilarity ensues when Ellie and Shitballs pursue Daydreamer so that they can reclaim the Madox-01.

Boy was I surprised when I started watching this garbage. Metal Skin Picnic is bafflingly shitty, totally generic, and boring to boot. There are good people behind this so maybe my expectations were a little high going into it. But holy shit, there is just no excuse for this. The action is okay-ish but the characters are very bland and the plot just isn't interesting. Don't waste your time.

Look, it's so EASY that even this GIRL can pilot it!

Potato Head and Daydreamer, now and forever. I wish these two would boff and be done with it.

What are you reading, you fucking sicko?

Obligatory mecha action screenshot.

We may be adults but we have teenage-sized problems.

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