Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend Shopping Spree

It's Monday and I've got a wicked hangover. No silly, it's not from booze. I had too much German chocolate and had a gay old time shopping my brains out. First on Saturday, I went to Sound Exchange with Nafa and traded in a bunch of crappy CDs and DVDs. After an hour of rummaging through the budget bins, I found some cool shit. Whatever they didn't take went to the scary pawn shop on Fowler and Nebraska. So I got some DVDs and about $33 in cash back. Unfortunately, I did lose my dignity at the pawn shop. Meh, it was only worth about $7.50 anyway. Then on Sunday, I went to Best Buy and Borders with LeEtta and the mom-in-law. Good times.

From Sound Exchange (all obtained through trade-in credit):

Oh, how I wish that this was the cover of my DVD of the sci-fi unclassic Slipstream! The one I got is not nearly as glorious as this but almost as cheesy. It has Bill Paxton looking faux-studly on the front. Oh well, better luck next time.

I'm pretty worried about this one.

I kept passing up Wolf Creek when it was $10 and when it was $7. It was $2.99 this time.

What the hell was I waiting for? Now I can finally replace my bootleg VCD.

Woops. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I didn't already own Phantasm.

These two are from Best Buy:

See? I'm romantical. This is something for the wife and I.

I have now bought this lovely movie twice. Goodbye sweet bootleg.

From Target:

You are mine!

From Borders:

And last but not least. A little light reading to go with my cigar chomping.


  1. Still havent replaced my bootleg of NotC yet lol.. I dropped the wife subtle hints that I wanted it for V day but despite her bouquet of roses I got a bouquet of no DVDs

  2. That's the best kind of weekend. Samurai looks interesting.

  3. Some nice selections there, Richard! Although don't go looking for DJANGO or GREAT SILENCE style violence in SAMURAI. It's pretty bad. Tomas Milian is painful to watch in his virtually racist performance as a Japanese. The original Italian title suits the film best.