Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doomed Moviethon Vlog of Doom

(I was really, really tired in this one.)


  1. Keep the vlogs coming! Love them.

    Terror on Tape is my bible. And the Splatter Guides are terrific (although filled with spoilers).

    Looking forward to part 2.

  2. Terror On Tape is a great read, as you said Richard. I also have the two Splatter Guides as well as McCarty's larger size edition called simply Spatter Movies. I remember reading about it Fangoria years ago but didn't buy it until later in a used book store. Nice selections.

  3. I have so many of those books. Sleaze Merchants, Modern Horror Film, Terror on Tape, Splatter Guides...
    It was like looking into my bedroom.
    Odd review of American Werewolf in the Splatter Guide.
    And glad you didn't hail that all-time heap of crap the Aurum Film Encyclopaedia of Horror. That means I don't now have to waste ten paragraphs explaining to you why it's a piece of crap, and can just say: Great video, let's have some more, with or withour beard. I'm intrigued to see how many other books we have in common.

  4. Please do more vlogs! I love this.

    I have the Videohound books (my copy of Cult Flicks and Trash Pics is a newer edition) and the Splatter Movies Guides. I don't know how you keep your copies in such good condition -- my Videohound Horror Show is falling apart! My personal favorite reference guide is Creature Features Movie Guide, however. I've owned three copies of this since I was just kid -- my first paperback copy was completely destroyed from my reading it so much, so I bought another paperback and then I found an updated trade paperback edition that I HAD to have (and now that's falling apart, too). The reviews might not be that great but it's just so damn fun to read. :)