Friday, February 12, 2010

MST3K: Teenage Crime Wave

I watched Teenage Crime Wave last night. It had been sitting on my DVR for a while (thank you Turner Classic Movies) so I fired it up. Well, it is a real piece of shit but watchable and fun as hell to heckle. While looking for a trailer for this little slice of melodrama, I find that Mystery Science Theatre 3000 already tackled this one back in 1994. Oh well, at least we can all watch this together. ALL OF US! Have a great weekend, y'all.

Here's Part 1 (the rest are on the Youtube):


  1. I've got this one mouldering in my archives somewhere, too, also recorded from Turner Classic Movies. I'm gonna have to locate it and give it a watch sometime soon.


  2. It's good stuff. I enjoyed it on it's own and I really dug the MST3K version too. Glad I watched them in that order.