Thursday, February 4, 2010

Off Season

Once again, I am so behind the times that it’s frightening. I kept reading the name Jack Ketchum over and over again in Rue Morgue. Big (not really) revelation: This is not a new guy fresh on the scene. Ketchum has been producing some very disturbing horror fiction (sometimes based on real events) since the 80s and I can’t believe I had no idea who this duder is. His debut novel, Off Season, is a disgustingly gory and twisted tale about a pack of inbred cannibals living in some seaside caves in Maine and terrorizing vacationers most foully. Ketchum has the home invasion and the incestuous cannibal children markets cornered here with some intense and nail-bitingly scary scenes. You have to check this out. If you already have, don't tell me. I want to pretend I'm not the last to know about this guy's work. Hopefully the rest of his books are half as good as Off Season. That way they'll still be totally awesome.

Screen adaptations of Ketchum’s work:

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