Monday, July 20, 2009

The Weekend

In case you didn't notice, it is Monday. Instead of relating my totally not interesting experience of seeing the new Harry Potter, I thought I'd ramble on about some of the movies I watched this weekend. Okay, one thing about the Potter. We had a pretty good crowd on Sunday; no crying kids, no idiots talking through the movie, etc. However, right when the closing credits came up this old chicken bag about two rows behind the wife and I goes, "Well they SCREWED UP another one of the books!" And I couldn't help but feel pity for this friggin' idiot. I've never read the books so the movies are a magical wonderland for me and I never feel cheated. Heh heh, sucker.

Friday night

I had been hearing a lot of good things about Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and I certainly wasn't disappointed. This Canadian horror film has great pacing, atmosphere, and a big old chip on its shoulder. And the monsters were incredible. Looks like there is already some plans for a sequel. Awesome.

I never give Matilda a fair shake. I had decided to call it an early night so LeEtta picked this one to watch. As I was wussing out, I couldn't help but sit and watch at least some of this surprisingly dark and hilarious flick. The first time I watched this film all the way through I was kind of embarrassed by some of the schmaltz which has since stopped bothering me. I also have an aversion to Danny DeVito. The duder bothers me. Sure I loved him in Throw Momma from the Train but then came the whole Penguin thing and Jack the Bear. Anyway, I'm starting to like the guy again. The funniest part of Matilda is how cynical and horrible most of the adults are.

Saturday night

The crazy Pang Brothers directed Re-cycle, a fine fantasy horror flick. While it was a little overlong at 108 minutes, the film is so beautiful and strange that it is easy to forgive the length. I did doze off a little during this one but I think the Pang Brothers wanted it that way.

I might as well out myself right now and confess my love for musicals. Now this is not some unrestrained love where I squeal in delight at the thought of sitting through South Pacific or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I am actually quite picky and they have to be at least a little off in some way. Maybe I'll do a list of my favorites one of these days.

Anyway, neither LeEtta nor myself had seen Love Me or Leave Me starring Doris Day and James Cagney and we were both surprised. This is one depressing ass musical and neither of us ever want to see it again. While it is beautifully filmed in CinemaScope and lushly designed (some shots looked like they were out of a Mario Bava flick), the story (partially biographical account of the life of Ruth Etting) was a total downer and an emotional roller coaster. However, all of the songs are great and I don't think Doris Day ever looked sexier than in this flick.


(Some nudity in this here trailer.)

Whoa, What a perfect way to follow up Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Lady Terminator is an Indonesian piece of complete trash from the same director responsible for the nutty Mystics in Bali. Though it has a supernatural spin on things, this film shamelessly rips off The Terminator even going so far as to lift much of the plot and even dialogue from the 1984 film. The dubbing is so dang terrible that it actually makes the brainless script funny as hell. Highly recommended.

I still can't believe that Venus in Furs, a Jess Franco jazz, horror and kinky sex freakout showed up on Turner Classic Movies last week. This was sitting on my DVR and I was very impressed by how languid and strange this movie is. It moves along and its own pace (SLOW!) and delivers the Euro-trash vibe that my weekend had been missing. I'm not a huge Jess Franco fan and being very choosy about which of his nearly 200 films I watch has been very beneficial.

Last but not least, the amazing Zorro the Gay Blade graced our TV once again. LeEtta picked this one and while I really wanted to shower, shave and head off to bed, I just had to catch as much of this friggin' perfect flick as I could. Everyone in the world needs to watch this George Hamilton classic every day of the week.

Before you all make fun of me for being such a pussy going to bed early all the time, I have to let you know that I am reading before I go to sleep. And what am I always reading (besides Henry Miller and horror Manga) before nodding off? Horror and cult movie research materials! That's right, while you all are out playing Bar Golf, I'm in bed reading about zombie movies. This is my sacrifice to the world. Thank you.

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  1. ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE is hilarious! It's one of the DVD's I missed out on picking up while it was available. Saw it on HBO back in '81 or '82. It was still funny seeing it again on cable after all these years.