Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crypt of the Vampire AND MORE!

First of all, I never promised you a rose garden! Secondly, here is my review for Crypt of the Vampire starring Christopher Lee. So what else is new? Well, I feel guilty for neglecting the dear old Doomed Moviethon. You see, I've been focusing so much on this blog and my articles for The Daily Tourniquet that the site has been feeling a tad forsaken. Well, I spent several hours trying to fix that last night.

You see, when you're a neurotic jamboree like I am, your website goes through some ill-fated and ugly format changes usually about 2 or 3 times a year. So I spent several hours last night changing fonts, adding links and moving crap around. All of this is due to poor planning, short sightedness and my general lack of web-designing skillz. But when I started the site 4 and a half years ago, I didn't give a double goddamn how it looked so long as I got the beast started. Then as the site progressed, I kept tinkering with it, making the shit more and more complicated. Now I'm kicking myself for not keeping things simple. So yes, I have reformatted the last 100 or so reviews to at least look like they belong to Doomed Moviethon. Unfortunately, the first 175 still need attention. I've got a long way to go.

Also. My beard is gone and I just have a mustache now:

Is any of this even remotely interesting? NO!

Here's a clip from Crypt of the Vampire:

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