Monday, May 17, 2010

The Worst Movies of All Time

I picked up Michael Sauter's The Worst Movies of All Time: Or, What Were They Thinking? for $2 at the book sale in front of the library. I am so glad I did because this book is pretty great. In order to ridicule bad movies as well as help increase the readers' appreciation of them (like we need help), the very opinionated Sauter picks on pretty much everyone: the actors, the writers, the producers, the studios, etc. For the most part, he leaves the independent features alone and focuses on Hollywood's biggest duds. Some movies that show up this book: Mame (the Lucille Ball one), The Ten Commandments, Steven Spielberg's 1941, The Conqueror (starring John Wayne as Genghis Khan!), Mommie Dearest, and that infamous (almost) studio destroyer, Heaven's Gate. The book was published in 1995 so Sauter missed such terrible splendors such as Gigli and Avatar. Maybe it's time for a new edition. They have some used copies of The Worst Movies of All Time over at Amazon for less than $5. Go for it, you bad movie connoisseurs.


  1. Nice one, Rich! I got a couple similar books, too. One old (Medved's TURKEY book) and the other fairly recent (RAZZIE GUIDE).

  2. May just be picking this one up, I love me some terribleness!