Monday, May 3, 2010

Death Hunt

Death Hunt came up in conversation just now. I was talking about watching this film on a tiny little television set on the coldest night of the year while guarding an ice cream factory. Impossible, you say? Hard to believe? I swear that's a totally true story. I mean, I was a security guard (with a nightstick and a can of mace) and the coldest night of the year in West Palm Beach isn't all that cold but still, it happened. Oh yeah, and you can increase your chest hair by 38% just by watching this trailer.


  1. DEATH HUNT is all kinds of awesome. Virtually anything with Bronson is gonna have some ace moments. Seen him on an episode of BONANZA the other day playing another Indian character.

  2. I started a job as an unarmed security guard less than a week after seeing the original version of CAPE FEAR. I spent the night looking at the chain link fence surrounding the lot and thinking, "Robert Mitchum could probably chew through that thing."