Monday, May 10, 2010

Holocaust 2000

Holocaust 2000, from director Alberto De Martino, is a big budget (okay, modest budget) rip-off of The Omen but I have to admit, it does have its charm. Kirk Douglas stars as a businessman who wants to set up the world's biggest nuclear reactor out in the desert in order to solve the energy crisis. Unfortunately, his son (played by Simon Ward) is the spawn of Satan and wants to use an accident at the plant to start World War III. The film features some bizarre imagery, a few decent gore sequences, and a great score by Ennio Morricone. This movie quietly showed up on DVD a couple years back under one of its many alternate titles, Rain of Fire, and it's worth a rental even if it's just for a laugh or for the lovely Agostina Belli (Night of the Devils).

Mr. Douglas, look out! Dario Argento is right behind you!

John Jacob JingleheimerJesus, his name is my name too!

Surprise! I'm not a Superman villian.

Article 16 of Mr. Douglas' Contract: Oily butt shot!

The seven-headed dragon of suck.

Here's the best death scene:


  1. What the hell is up with that evil-Batman dude? Okay, I gotta see this movie.

  2. looks absolutely fascinating
    De Martino's THE EXORCIST ripoff, THE ANTICHRIST was very dull though, despite the beautiful cinematography by Joe D'Amato

  3. @Atoxion - Go my friend, but tread carefully.

    @Alex B. - I didn't think The Antichrist was boring at all. I thought it was friggin' weird and confused but not boring.

  4. THE ANTICHRIST was ace! I enjoyed it lots. The shorter version under the title THE TEMPTER might be less "boring". De Martino was great at doing choice clones of other films.

  5. I need to check this out! Those dragons coming out of the water, that looks insane! And that cheesy loooking satan guy...ha! Hilarious!

    This film falls more in line with OMEN III: THE FINAL CONFLICT, where Damian has already grown up and aspires at world domination.