Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December to Remember

(Behold the evil.)

Okay, I love theme months and all but you know what, stuff pops up and there’s always some BS that gets in the way. Like the friggin’ holidays and band practice and crap like that. Don’t even get me started on the magnificent failure that was National Novel Writing Month. So my friends, I want to have an unofficial theme this December. It’s called December to Remember AKA December to Dismember (gee, I wonder if anyone has ever thought of that one before) AKA One Month Dedicated to My Disturbed Childhood (Horror Movies Only (NO BAD TOUCH)) Month Month. So all this month (month), I’m going to be examining all the things, demented, silly, and sometimes terrible, that helped form the horror-monger standing before you today (with pants on). Stay tuned.


  1. You're saving the Bad Touch memories for Valentine's, right?

  2. I like the sound of this, you've got me curious. As long as there's no mention of bathing suit areas and bad touch involved.

    BTW, how did your novel writing go? Mine went so-so.

  3. @Justin - Good idea. I can show everyone my cupid's arrow.

    @Prof - Novel writing was nothing short of disastrous. Some good things came out of though. A lot of cool ideas were formed and many chapters planned. But sadly I only wrote 8500 words. In my defense, there were some pretty heavy things that happened in November. But honestly, I could have knocked out the 50k in a week had I been motivated. Not giving up on the novel though. I am still very passionate about finishing it.