Thursday, April 15, 2010

Okay, Now I'm Broke

Saturday at Green Shift and Sound Exchange (both used - $5.99 each):

I'm not a huge fan of Hitch-Hike but I have to admit that it's one of those movies that really sticks with you once you've seen it.

Soundtrack clip:

I haven't seen Nightmare Detective yet but I've read that it's okay. I have been very, very negligent with Japanese horror lately. Sorry about that.

Last night at FYE:

(new - $4.98)

God help me, I love Joan Collins! And what's that you say? Joan Collins starring in an Italian crime film (with some slightly giallo-esque moments) that is directed by Stelvio Massi and also starring Marizio Merli? Holy shit, duder. Originally, I found Fatal Charm on VHS but it was a murky (and probably moldy) flea market find. This DVD kind of sucks but it's better than nothing.

Cool Ass Cinema reviews a much better copy than the one I got.

Here's a clip (couldn't find a trailer):

(new - $4.97)

Oh yeah, I finally complete the Sabata trilogy. While all three films are pretty great, it's Return of Sabata that wins my heart because it's so freakin' weird.

Careful, this trailer is LOUD:

(entire series (4 discs) used - $29.99)

Boogiepop Phantom is an excellent horror anime series along the lines of Serial Experiments Lain only a little (okay, very little) less confusing. I love how there are all these forgotten horror anime series out there. I'll give them all a good home. You'll see.


  1. I've always wanted to see HITCH-HIKE. It's like 21 HOURS AT MUNICH, except in reverse! Our top five list has officially started, btw.

  2. Hey, Richard. How's the DVD of FATAL CHARM? I got a wide, restored fan dubbed version from the Italian DVD at trashonline under its FEARLESS FUZZ moniker which I reviewed last September. Not one of Merli's best, but occasionally a lot of fun.

  3. @Aaron - Hitch-Hike is dark, tense, and wickedly cynical. It's good shit.

    @venoms5 - Hey duder. The DVD I got is a full frame dealie with a fairly muddy transfer. Your review (which I added a link to in today's post) might just have inspired me to get the widescreen version. Thanks.

  4. Trashonline has got some choice movies. I think you'll especially dig their giallo section.