Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Blood

Somehow, my review of the gore-tastic Baby Blood slipped through the cracks and was sitting all alone in a folder somewhere. The date on the file says August of 2006 and honestly, I only vaguely remember writing this one. It was definitely done before I was aware of the French Invasion (High Tension, Frontiers, Inside, etc.) But Baby Blood is still one of my favorites. It is equal parts shocking and hilarious. My friend Tim and I rented this one titled then as The Evil Within back in the 90s and it blew our friggin' minds. So anyway folks, here is one from the Doomed Moviethon vaults.

Here's a clip:

And apparently, they made a freakin' sequel (slightly NSFW trailer):

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  1. BABY BLOOD is so friggin awesome.. Been looking forward to LADY for a while now, cant wait for the R1 release!