Monday, May 11, 2009

Ethereal STDs

I'm sick. It's pretty much a really bad head cold but there are moments where I would swear that it is terminal. Before I crawl back into bed, I thought I would post something about my young exposure to The Entity. I thought about posting this to the amazing Kindertrauma but it's really nothing more than a fleeting memory.

In case you don't know, The Entity is a harrowing supernatural thriller where Barbara Hershey's character is repeatedly raped and physically beaten by an invisible spirit. All I remember about the experience is sitting around with my folks and watching this painful and disconcerting film and feeling more than a little embarrassed. I don't think I could have been more than 8 years old and all I really learned was that ghosts sure as shit don't know how to treat a lady.

SPOILER: Something I don't remember about the film is that the ghost is never really defeated. She moves away and the attacks become less and less frequent and severe. That's kind of anticlimactic and um... disturbing.


  1. I remember seeing this as a 12 year old, but I'm afraid all I remember is the nudity - the context didn#t seem to have bothered me all that much back then.

    -What happened to the Bavathon btw.?

    -And another suggestion - if you want to "open up" the moviethons (I seem to recall you mentioning something about this somewhere), why not go with themes derived from your watching experience rather than themes directly related to the movies?

  2. Bavadoom is still being edited (lazily) by me but don't fear, it is next in line for getting finished. After that comes Giallo Meltdown 3.

    As far as opening up my moviethons... I am intending to do a very, very long moviethon in the near future based on my own personal experiences of growing up with horror as opposed to one where the films are gathered together based on a theme.