Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reiko the Zombie Shop

It’s not a crush! I’m in love! Reiko the Zombie Shop from Dark Horse is my new favorite horror manga. I’m only up to volume 4 (out of 11) of this gore-drenched and sexy series from artist Rei Mikamoto. A ‘zombie shop’ by the way, is another term for a necromancer, a person who raises the dead, and Reiko Himezono just happens to be the best. By invoking the power of Satan, this enterprising high schooler will return life to a corpse for a substantial fee, of course. Unfortunately, most of the cases Reiko takes involve murder and mayhem so the zombies she raises are usually very pissed off.

Laced with a sick, sardonic sense of humor and a healthy dose of nihilism, Reiko the Zombie Shop appeals to a reader’s darker side and always goes for the gusto when it comes to blood and carnage. The series is mostly short stories of Reiko’s adventures but bigger storylines do develop including a battle with her older sister, Riruka. That’s right, kids; this super-hot zombie shop has an evil sister who also happens to be a necromancer bent on world domination. Let’s all collectively pray (to the devil) that this wicked manga will eventually becomes a major motion picture or an anime series.

UPDATE 01/25/10:

Sons a bitches! Looks like Dark Horse has dropped this title. Out of 11 volumes, only 6 have come out so far. Volume 6 came out in April of 2007 and there are no signs of volume 7 coming out anytime soon. Please write to the nice people of Dark Horse and ask them to finish releasing this amazing series.

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