Monday, November 7, 2011

Hello! This is the Doomed Show - Episode 9: The Haunting Of Julia

I tried to have this episode out before Halloween but the universe interceded and it's just going up now. Brad and I discuss the excellent film, The Haunting of Julia, for what feels like an hour and 45 minutes. Oh wait, that's just how long we talk about it. We also give some favorite Halloween viewings we like to do every year to, you know, put us in the mood. And you'll be riveted or just plain disappointed by my tenuous connection to horror novelist Peter Straub. So... Listen or download here at Podomatic. Or download here at Mediafire.


  1. Hi!
    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your review of this fine film. It's my absolute favorite. I'm actually the one that posted it on Youtube! haha! Anyway, it still baffles me as to why this hasn't been given an official DVD release. I'm hoping someday it will!
    Also, in regards to how the film can be seen in many different ways, I always pondered this - what if there isn't any ghost at all? What if everything that happens is Julia's doing after being driven insane by guilt? That's why I love this movie. It makes you think!

  2. @Jack - Well, you have done the world a great service by putting it up there for all to see. Good work, captain.