Wednesday, November 2, 2011

He Made Me Do It: Cry_Wolf & The Road Warrior

This is He Made Me Do It.

This is a movie challenge featuring Brad and Richard choosing movies for each other to watch.

This could get ugly.

Round 1

Brad: I want you to see Cry_Wolf because it is underrated. Had it been made in 1982 it would be talked about more often. It is a teen slasher and I know how much you like them like I do. It is better in my opinion than a lot of the remakes lately and the killer looks like the killer in Sergio Martino's Torso.

Richard: Getting me to watch a teen slasher film is as difficult as getting me to breathe or eat peanut butter or forget to trim my beard. When the trailers for Cry_Wolf were on TV back in '05, I almost gave myself a migraine from rolling my eyes at the trailer. The film came out, it disappeared, and that was that. I was pretty surprised to hear from you that it was actually good. I was even more surprised when I found out you were right. Thanks to its quick pacing and decent writing, Cry_Wolf easily stands up alongside films like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legends, two of my favorite late 90s guilty pleasures. I agree with you that had this come out at a different time, genre fans like myself may have given it a fair chance. My favorite Jon Bon Jovi song is his performance in this movie.

Richard: You need to see The Road Warrior because it is a rite of passage for every little boy before he can become a man. It is exceptionally well made and one of the best (if not THE BEST) post-apocalyptic action movies ever made. It is also incredibly stupid. Why are people driving around and wasting gas while they are looking for gas? Oops! Try not to think about that. Just enjoy the ride.

Brad: Why had I not seen The Road Warrior before? Who knows? Not me. Especially as I love a lot of the knock offs that folks (Italians) made after it came out. I loved every second of it. Tons of style, great stunts, amazing stunt driving, and gruesome special makeup effects. I have now changed my name to Lord Humungus and I have also found a new way to dress. Mel Gibson does a great Australian accent. Who'd have thunk it? Weird.


  1. Man this could get ugly. I hope nobody pulls out any Jean Rollin or Jess Franco "sexy" films on each other. By the way just found the blog and I like it a lot. I went back and went through all the Franco Fridays, good stuff. Good luck with your novel.


  2. You guys make me want to spend all my money on DVDs til I am broke and homeless I HOPE YOU CAN LIVE WITH THAT!!!

  3. Weird... I just watched CRY WOLF less than 2 weeks ago. I thought it was a mess, but it was cool to see Sam Winchester and Bon Jovi in the same movie. Plus, Lindy Booth is pretty hot for a chick with no eyebrows.

  4. @Randall - Jess Franco has caused the downfall of many friendships.

    @MLP - Brad and I work in the DVD industry. Please keep helping us feed the children we don't have.

    @Aaron - Mmmm, Lindy Booth.