Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 33: The Aftermath

Boo! I'm going in the dumpster!

Halloween? More like HalloLOSE! The least Halloween-like thing you can do is moving to a new apartment. Between the old apartment, the new apartment, the Salvation Army donation drop-off, and the storage unit, there is just no room for spooky good times. I couldn't even get to the box containing Slumber Party Massacre! I know it has nothing to do with Halloween but for my wife and I, it is a must see on our favorite day of the year.

The one shining light was finally sitting down and watching Once Bitten with my wife and mother-in-law (our new roomie!). I have always had a soft spot for this flick ever since catching it on cable with my folks back in the day. This trashy and campy Jim Carrey loser has earned itself a regular spot in our Halloween lineup permanently. It gets better with every viewing, seriously.

So what else? Oh yeah, it's National Novel Writing Month once again. Last year, I was defeated by both my wife and my mother-in-law who made the 50,000 word goal. Unfortunately, I only managed to get to 23,000. This time, I hope to get to 25,000 if not actually winning the dang thing. So things are going to get pretty quiet around here. But don't worry, I will be popping up with progress reports on the book and occasional musings on movies but I really want to make my goal this year.

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