Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Novel - Part 4

Yours truly with Walgreens cola.

The worst thing about writing fiction is that once one character poops then you start thinking 'Well, I guess now everyone has to poop'. So you go back and start adding in every single time that every single one of your characters uses the toilet. It's great for the word count but think what it does to your soul, duder! Okay, so I'm only at 17,000+ words. I kind of had a migraine for about 4 days and could barely look at a computer. But, the pain is gone and I'm back in the game. Will I get to the 50k? No. Will I be glad that I made the dream of finishing this dang book a little bit more real? Yes. Should I just shut the hell up? Yes, YES, YESSS!

Right now the book sounds like this:

But I want it to sound like this:

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