Monday, November 9, 2009

Die, Monster, Die!

Is that horror or glee on Suzan Farmer's face?

The unpacking continues as does National Novel Writing Month but I still find time for horror movies. While my collection is still in boxes waiting for proper shelving to be purchased and assembled, I did pick up Die, Monster, Die! with badass Boris Karloff for $3 at Big Lots the other day. I assumed that this film was one of Karloff's later cheapie efforts where his ailing health made him less of an asset and more of a setpiece.

Much to my delight, this Lovecraft-inspired film is incredibly atmospheric, is well acted by everyone involved and even has some good scares. Cinematography by Paul Beeson is especially impressive. Karloff is in fine form here as the head of the dying Witley family. Dude has a thing for glowing rocks. Freda Jackson, who is obscured behind black curtains during her entire screen time, is phenomenal as his ailing wife. Her scenes are chilling. Anyway, if you see this one gathering dust at your local Big Lots, grab it!

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