Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Novel - Part 2

Well, I'm somewhere around the 5,000 word mark so let's go ahead and quote Rocky and Bullwinkle:

Rocky: I don't think we're gonna win this one, Bullwinkle.
Bullwinkle: We'll be lucky if we lose!

But I will not admit defeat. I still have 19 days and I'd like to think that anything is possible. In case you're wondering, my novel is going to sick, gory, demented, and just a tad surreal. Oh, you're not wondering? Neither am I. Anyway, I got my copy of Footprints starring Florinda Bolkan the other day. Can't wait to fire up that one! Bless the sacred and holy international DVD player for that one. Okay, enough of all this stalling, I need to get back to the book.

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  1. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on Footprints....