Monday, November 16, 2009

The Novel - Part 3

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I think we have a porblem! It is November 16th and I only have 8,000 words. So I have 14 days to come up with 42,000 words. That is seriously screwed up, yo. I'm going to be running silent for the next two weeks on the blog here. Crap, I haven't even got to the part of the story where everything goes freakin' bonkers and people's faces start getting ripped off. Okay, I did have a part where someone's lips got chewed off but that was like boring compared to what happens later. Anyway, here are some clues to what inspired this whole book I'm doing:

Here's a picture of my dad (circa. 1989):

Now here's a picture of me (circa. 2007):

God is my co-pilot:

Our cat Sparkles (circa. 2008):

The soundtrack:

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  1. Hey man, you can do it! I am at 25,347 words as of yesterday, so if I can do it anyone can! Keep the faith. :)