Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello! This is the Doomed Show Episode 2: Next of Kin

Well, holy heck in a hand-basket! It seems to me that those crazy boys, Richard and Brad, have recorded another episode of the Doomed Show. Yikes, I don't think I should talk about myself in the 3rd person anymore. This episode is about the New Zealand/Australian horror flick Next of Kin. You can download the episode right here. Give it a listen and rock out to it. As always, drop us a line with questions, comments, criticisms, and witty retorts.


  1. Interesting episode, guys. I can relate to Richard's attitude to 90s horror: it took the late 90s DVD boom to lead me back to the genre (due to previously unavailable Eurocult titles becoming available). I believe the genre itself may have died without that DVD shot in the arm.

    I have to agree: Lina Romay should remain CLOTHED at ALL TIMES. And one is inclined to think that she knew how dire the material she appeared in was - that Lina screenshot in Richard’s ‘Women Without Innocence’ review speaks volumes.

    Amusing to hear Richard’s criteria for Australian genre movies is for ‘something Australian to happen’! Having not seen ‘Next of Kin’, I’m now curious to see it for the aforementioned ‘something Australian’ content. As an Australian myself, I’ll be interested to rate it on the ‘Oztrailyah-meter’. ;)

    And, just a friendly note for future ‘Australian’ movie reviews: we pronounce the noun ‘Aussie’ like you American folks pronounce ‘Ozzy’ (as in Ozzy Osbourne). If you stress the double ‘s’ akin to a hissing snake, you’re likely to be beaten to death by an angry throng if you ever come to visit down here. ;)

    Keep it up guys. A fun listen. ;)

  2. @Davo - Man oh man! Thanks so much. That is really kind of you, duder. Poor Lina Romay! I pick on her a lot. Obviously, she is attractive in most of her films but yeah, modesty was not her strong suit. And also, thanks for the tip. Any advice that will keep me from getting my ass kicked in any part of the world is greatly appreciated.