Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello! This Is The Doomed Show

As I continue to expand the DooMo CinSom empire, I decided to give "podcasting" a whirl. My good friend Brad joined me for the very first episode of Hello! This Is The Doomed Show. We talk about Armando Crispino's excellent giallo The Dead Are Alive. And since this is the first episode you can expect unrestrained nervousness, hilarious technical difficulties, abysmal short term memory loss, and botulism. You can download the episode right here. Grab it, listen, and let us know what you think. And as always, be gentle with our hearts.


  1. A fun episode, Richard, and certainly an unusual/lesser known film to focus upon for your first recording (which distinguishes it from the usual giallo podcasting discussions). But not one mention of Alex Cord's porn moustache!

    Loved the Horst Frank discussion and Franco Friday tangents, and the talk regarding the less defensible aspects of Eurocult cinema (rape, animal killing, etc.) was refreshing - as many reviewers appear to savour these elements rather than criticise them.

    Look forward to future episodes. :)

  2. @Davo - Thanks a bunch, duder! We dropped the ball on the stache for sure. A rookie mistake. We will be recording another episode soon. Brad says thanks too!

  3. Really enjoyed the show. I used to listen to a lot of horror podcasts, this definitely stands up to those. Especially the fact that you're tackling more obscure films. Keep it up!

  4. @Roy - Thanks, duder!

    @brainbug - Soon! Sooner than you think!