Tuesday, September 3, 2013

HTITDS # 37 - Lady Frankenstein/2 Year Anniversary

It has been a long and crazy road over the last 2 years but Brad and I have held it together (sort of). For our 2 year anniversary show, we talk about Lady Frankenstein starring Rosalba Neri. We also talk about our favorite non-horror directors and some favorite non-horror movies. Fun fun fun fun fun fun funn f ufn fufnf ufndf udnf dufdn fudfndf jkal024 09090.

Listen here.

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  1. Ahoy-hoy Richard & Brad!

    First of all, let me congratulate you on the second anniversary of the mighty Doomed Show! I can tell from listening to all of these episodes that you had a good time, but I can assure you - so had I!

    It's not a secret that I am not your ideal audience. I know so little about the kind of films you talk about and I have only seen so very few of them. In fact, most of the time I've never even HEARD of the films you talk about. To be honest, I only have one friend who's into horror/genre films and within Germany we couldn't live farther apart. And every other month he laughs at me when I get the silly notion to sell all my movies and concentrate on collecting music exclusively again like I used to do. But I finally have accepted that I simply don't watch movies during summertime. For me, it's a fall/winter thing. Regardless, I always get a kick out of the Doomed Show. It was the first movie-related podcast I ever listened to and it's still the only one I never miss. I enjoy a few other ones - the B-Movie Cast in particular, but also Devour The Podcast, Badasses Boobs and Body Counts, and even the Naschy Cast, even though I've only seen exactly ONE Paul Naschy film so far - but even though some of these sometimes seem to be a little better prepared than you, or let's rather say: a bit more mapped out beforehand, I do enjoy your style quite a bit. As I said early on when you started with the show, it still feels like listening to a couple of friends (one wishes to have in real life) talking freely about films one might like. I dig that a whole lot.

    There have been quite a few movies over these two years that I bought and watched because of the Doomed Show and the Cinema Somnambulist blog, both good and bad, and I'm grateful to you for introducing me to every one of them (yes, including the Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff...I think). Some of the highlights for me have been the epic shows - Fulci, Bava, and the Vibe episode - but I was also grateful for the The Ward/My Soul To Take double feature. Question time with Brad has become a favorite part of the show, but I also always enjoy the recently watched segment. And I'm a sucker for lists. There can never be enough lists!

    Right now I have The Devil's Wedding Night and Lady Frankenstein coming my way. I've been meaning the get the latter one ever since the Vibe episode, but that's me: It takes me a long time, but I don't forget (well, I write stuff down actually, because I DO forget).

    There's lots of stuff to look forward to: the concluding Fulci episode, the Joe D'Amato retrospective, more Argento installments, and the highly anticipated show dedicated to the unanimously loved and critically acclaimed Halloween I & II by everybody's favorite: Rob Zombie!

    And let's not forget the other adventures! Brad's new blog Yellow Razor seems like it's gonna be a highly enjoyable site. And FANG OF JOY, the return of the printed zine, is gonna be awesome. "And that's a fact!" seems to be the right idiom here. I also cross my fingers for a Friday 13th vlog! But in any case, I'm glad that the Doomed Show is going on strong, and who knows, perhaps there's even gonna be a Russ Meyer episode somewhere down the line...hey! If Jess Franco made it on the show everything's possible...

    So, that's it for now,
    cheers to you guys,

    P.S. I know you recorded this show quite a while ago, but let me tell you this nonetheless (re: subtitles from foreign countries): the Greek have their own alphabet. Alpha (α) and Omega (Ω) and all that jazz. Not the one you and me and the Dutch and the Swedish are familiar with.
    -your friendly European listener-