Monday, September 16, 2013

The Friday the 13th VOORHEESATHON


  1. My hat's off to you sir, and congrats for breaking your moviethon record. I've never gone beyond seven in one day so it'll be a while before I attempt anything as epic as this.

    I was extremely tempted to have a (much more stripped down) F13th marathon last Friday myself but seeing as there's several I don't own and I was really itching to do the Rob Zombie-thon I'd already got planned, I decided to hold off on such a venture till a later date... though I did catch the last 15 mins of Part II which was on TV at 5am when I'd just finished 'Lords of Salem'.

    After watching this vlog I'm especially looking forward to re-watching Parts III, VI and Jason Goes to Hell. The former two I thought were good but I don't greatly remember them (especially Part VI) where as I frickin' loved the latter on my first watch. Like you say, there's some deranged stuff in that movie but I'm sure we're both thankful for every second of general WTF-ery it contains.

    For some reason I actually like Part VIII, even though I'll be the first to admit it's an extremely guilty pleasure, and I can't disagree with any of your criticisms of it. And yes, 'Jason Takes the Mall' would have been so much better. But I'll be honest, there's just something about this cheesy mess of a movie that works for me at the moment (though I've only seen it twice and I somewhat doubt it'll hold up to multiple viewings as well as the others).

    Part V is the only one I've not seen yet, and after hearing your review I can't wait to watch it as it sounds like a riot.

    Kudos to you again for completing such a heroic feat of sustained sensory derangement and thanks for taking the time to vlog about it, this was a fun watch.

  2. @Simon - Thanks, duder. I hope the pain I was in comes across in the video. My friend Nafa is a huge fan of Part VIII and he was totally disagrees with me saying it's the worst in the series.

  3. Based on your review of Jason Goes to Hell I am willing to give it another chance. This is big news. Also, I feel the need to say that I have an inexplicable like (not love, but strong like) for Jason X. I mean, it's Jason in space. IN SPACE. I do agree, however, that it will probably look very dated very soon. But that's okay with me.


  4. Oh yes, I'd say that the sense of fatigue sliding into delirium you must have been feeling is pretty evident throughout the video. Sure, being tired is never an ideal state to be in when doing these things, but having said that, I suppose if nothing else it helps to hasten and intensify the inevitable moviethon madness that usually overtakes the senses. And Part VIII - glad to hear I'm not alone on liking it... different strokes and all that eh?

  5. Yet again, a very cool vlog! I watched it a couple of days ago, then hadn't time to comment, and now I forgot half of what I wanted to say! But it seemed you sounded a bit less supportive of the remake this time around (compared to a Doomed Show episode). Man, I hate that one. And I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking it felt like the TCM remake.

    JGTH! When I first watched it a couple of years ago I was surprised how much I liked it! There's some cool stuff going on in that one and I don't care about (yet another) rewriting of the rules. The Halloween and Nightmare On Elm St franchises are close to my heart, but with Jason I'm way more relaxed. Send him to space, turn him into a black magic parasite, dress him up as a little schoolgirl, it's all ok with me (I hate the other characters in the remake, not Jason). Overall I think the F13 franchise never quite hits the highs of the other two big film series (e.g. Halloween 1&2, Nightmare 1-3, RZ's Halloween 1&2), but then it never gets as bad as these either (Halloween 5&6&8, Freddy's Dead).

    That being said, I very much need to revisit a lot of these titles (and then I wouldn't be surprised if I had to take a lot of what I just said back!), and watching these videos make the revisits much more urgent and fun!


  6. Great job, man. You're so tuff. Of all the movies that actually start with the words "Friday the 13th", I do think that Part VIII is the worst by a mile. It does have one of the coolest looking Jasons though... until the mask comes off. If we're talking about the series as a whole, though, Jason Goes to Hell is my least favorite. Sorry. I've seen it numerous times and it never gets any less annoying. Creighton Duke is a GOD though.

  7. @MLP - Thank you, my friend. I think my opinion on the F13 remake changed a little bit. Before this moviethon, it was a lot higher. I still like it but it feels like there is less special or interesting about it than an uneven film like Part 6.

    @Aaron - I have a friend whose favorite is Part VIII. He was really let down that I harshed on it so much. It's crazy. Jason Goes To Hell was such a fucking dark horse. I had NEVER seen that before. I knew almost NOTHING about it going into it and yeah, it's a new favorite.

  8. Kudos to you for doing this, Richard. I would have dozed off half way thru!

  9. @Jack J - I got my dozing off done early.