Monday, April 18, 2011

Your Mexican Lobby Card Is A Locked Room

I almost never buy horror or cult movie memorabilia for myself. I figure, "Hey, this is money that could buy me more movies! Forget it!" But this time I could not look away. Ladies and gentlemen, I got myself a Mexican lobby card for Sergio Martino's Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key. Here it is called Gently Before Dying and damn, this thing is beautiful.


  1. Nice lobby card, Rich! I've found some nice cards for films I wouldn't mind having, but for some reason, if it's an Italian film, I want the Italian set, or card. Ditto for Asian lobbies. I got hundreds of them, but prefer to pass on the English ones if I can. But Mexican lobby cards, whether for homegrown, or foreign movies, do have great artwork and images, no doubt.

  2. Richard, you should check out the Ebay (US) seller 'fantomas38000' who sells vintage posters and memorabilia. His collection of original giallo posters is something to salivate over, indeed. A huge range of rare titles.

    Congrats on the purchase! That poor pussy cat, though... :(

  3. @venoms5 - I'm pretty liberal on what country something comes from. As long as it's old, has cool or hilariously ugly artwork, and it's for a movie I like, I will drool over a lobby card or poster.

    @Davo - You know, the cat in the movie is pretty evil and kind of deserves it. But it's all fake, of course. And thanks for the tip, I'll check out that seller.