Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If You Are Following This Blog...


CinSom is two years old today and like any toddler, it's spitting up and sharting on everything. So if you have been willing to get soiled this whole time or are just now getting splattered, I just want you to know that I really, really appreciate your time spent here at the blog. And a special shoutout goes to my blogger duder-homeys who have inspired me to at least attempt not to suck too hard. I will continue to try and make this an interesting, or at least mildly amusing, place to visit.

And I put this question to all of you? What is CinSom missing? Is there anything you'd like to see around this old place? Any films, directors, or genres you'd like me to get around to or whatever? Speak up here or email me sometime if you think of anything.


  1. Happy anniversary!

    It's quite amazing how much great stuff there is in your blog's archive, I've still got a lot of catching up to do. I really enjoy both the lengthy pieces and the regular blog entries. It's always fun to read and still informative - I checked out quite a few films by now because of your blog! And the childhood memories are priceless!

    I really liked the vlog about the film books, maybe there's a chance to throw in a blog about a recommended film book now and then? And I like the way you share your experiences of actually going to the's a good way of living through someone else...ha! And of course the recent Franco Fridays are awesome. Is it time for a Doomed Franco-thon?!?


  2. Congrats! Watch Happy Birthday To Me and Bloody Birthday to celebrate...

  3. Congratulations, Richard. It does take commitment and patience to continually provide quality content, so thank you for persisting!

  4. I think you once teased a Doomed Naschy-thon.
    We'll all wait patiently.

    Here's to many more years of somnambulism.

  5. @MLP - Thanks, man! I actually recorded another vlog about horror movie reference books but it got eaten by the death of my old computer. So, I will eventually re-record it. Think of Franco Fridays as a 52 week Franco-moviethon. But then again, maybe after it's over, I'll pick my favorites and have a little moviethon celebration.

    @Jenn, Prof, & Justin - You guys rule! Thanks!

    @Davo - I didn't know I was doing that! Thanks!

    @Jeffrey - Well, you know, I have acquired the films (FINALLY) and it is time to start planning the Naschy fest. It won't be the next moviethon but it will definitely happen. And thanks, duder, I will keep doing this as long as I am able.