Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Report # 3

Here I am with my friend, Freddie Cougar!

The weekend started out with a visit to Wilson's Books in St. Pete where I raided the horror section buying paperbacks based solely on their covers or titles. I really love this store and whenever LeEtta and I are visiting her folks, we stop there. Their faded and bent Nightmare on Elm Street cardboard cutout is a landmark, I think. I managed to pick up three books and they look super exciting/terrible.

Illegal in most states.

Perfect cover for a Video Nasty except on a book.

Everything about this is perfect in every way.

Today, we hit a few Halloween stores and it was fun. I like how Target and Wal-Mart have decided that they are going to totally dick around this Halloween season and let all the other stores have all the fun. We hit Halloween City on Dale Mabry, Spirit or whatever its called in the University Mall, and good old Party City on Fowler. It was something all right. Even though I wasn't exactly blown away by anything in the stores, it did get me in the mood for the season.

More like Halloween Village! Zing!


Disproportionate is the new spooky.

Wanker Texas Ranger! Zing again!

I bought this entire display.


  1. Those books look great! Lately I've been having trouble finding vintage horror in my local bookstores; they're all stocked up with "my boyfriend is a vampire" titles. That Farris title might be okay; I recently read his "All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By" and loved it.

  2. I've read "The Captors" probably three times, but not for years...John Farris' early stuff just kicks all kinds of ass. "All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By" (some great scenes but so-so), "When MIchael Calls" (creepy!) and (particularly) "Sharp Practice" - I've probably read that about five times, closest thing to a giallo vibe I've ever encountered in a book, some great twists, cinematic style and bravura setpieces. Highly, highly recommended. I've owned multiple copies but have given them all away...maybe time for a new one for Halloween!

  3. @Will - My vamfriend is a boypire!

    @Chris - I will be checking out Sharp Practice, definitely. Thanks!