Monday, October 4, 2010

October Report #1

I know I'm not unique when I say that fall is my favorite time of year. There are so many moments, so many memories tied to the many Octobers I've spent on this planet that I could ramble on forever. From my perusal of the blogosphere, I see that most horror bloggers suffer from the same crippling nostalgia that I do when it comes to Halloween. I'm going to try this year to cover some stuff that hopefully will be outside of the box but when everyone seems to be talking about the same stuff, what can you do? I will attempt to focus on Halloween TV stuff and less about films this year.

What are the two most important things when it comes to Halloween? Well, the first is obviously clip art. I love googling Halloween clip art. I take perverse pleasure in pictures like this:

And this:

And the second most important thing about Halloween is watching Halloween-related stuff all October long. So I'm going to keep track of all the Halloween TV specials, Halloween episodes of TV shows, and of course, Halloweeny movies airing in our household this year. Last October was pretty intense due to our big move so we didn't get to watch nearly enough good stuff. We're going to fix that this year and I'll be sure to share the fun with y'all. The best resource is just go to and search for Halloween stuff there.

This weekend, we watched Hocus Pocus, the one with Bette freakin' Midler and Sarah Jessica Horseface. We also watched the Angry Beavers Halloween special and a Halloween episode of iCarly. These are good things. October is the time of year when I get really, really silly and will watch pretty much anything Halloween related. For instance, there's that Lawrence Welk Halloween special from 1978 which is perfectly genius. You can check out me talking about a bunch of these specials in a post on my old blog.

So if it seems that October is off to a shaky start, well it is! I'm still recovering from Asian horror month and the 4th season of Dexter (which I finally watched the rest of yesterday). See? I got a lot goin' on right now! Anyway, I will try to post as much as I can this month since I'll be completely silent during all of November for National Novel Writing Month. That's right, I'm trying to work on The Novel again. Sigh. When will I ever learn?

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