Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Urband Legend

So my wife LeEtta and I were watching Urban Legends: Final Cut on cable the other night and we were both woefully disappointed. As the ending credits for the ridiculous sequel came up, we decided to break out the original Urban Legend to correct the damage. This is such a great slasher flick and is more than just a guilty pleasure. Australian director and composer Jamie Blanks went on to do Valentine, another slasher flick which apparently got all kinds of chopped up by the MPAA, Storm Warning (which I haven't seen yet), and a remake of Long Weekend called Nature's Grave here in the States. Hmm... This needs more investigating.


So yeah, I love Urban Legend. It is quite dated in its 90s-ness with a pudgy-faced (and a million times cuter than now) Tara Reid as a campus sex-advice radio show star whose death by axe is strangely bloodless. Alicia Witt is amazing in this and I love to watch her be terrorized by an axe-wielding murderer or any other kind of murderer. She needs to do more horror, obviously. The show is stolen by Rebecca Gayheart who turns out to be the killer. Her portrayal of a revenge-obsessed psycho makes life worth living.

The Sequels:

Some more Jamie Blanks:


  1. I agree with you, it's a fun, slasher flick. The sequels... not so much.

    I am on the fence about Valentine. Guess an unrated director's cut would be interesting!

    Gonna look into the other two, too! Thanks!

  2. I love Urban Legend too, but I must confess that I've always enjoyed Final Cut too. Had no idea there was a third one.
    Hope you didn't switch off the second that "the credits for the ridiculous sequel came up" - I'd hate to think you missed the tag-scene: especially with you being such a Rebecca Gayheart fan...

  3. Oh, I watched all of Urban Legends: Final Cut. It was entertaining enough but mostly lame and it just made me want to watch the original really badly. I definitely caught the Gayheart bit. Haven't seen Bloody Mary yet. Not sure if I'm brave enough for that one.

  4. I have a soft spot for Urban Legend and Rebecca Gayheart. I remember seeing this one twice in the theater when it came out. Both times with friends and both times I'm the only one who liked it. Also I loved Danielle Harris goth chick character. Storm Warning was a pretty decent flick too. Valentine I need to watch again. Final Cut ain't too bad under the right conditions.