Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday Night's Double Feature

I think I may have set some kind of precedent last night for totally fucked up double features. First, my wife, our friend Shelly (a frequent moviethon guest), and myself watched Big Man Japan which is easily one of the weirdest films I've ever seen. Part droll documentary, part giant kaiju movie, and completely surreal, Big Man Japan is a tough one to beat in terms of insanity. But then I followed it up with my totally uncut bootleg of Brain Dead (AKA Dead Alive), Peter Jackson's best film. Throw in some cheap but amazing Chinese food from China Star on Fowler Avenue, a lot of Mountain Dew and oh yes, you have a magical night.


  1. I have "Big Man Japan" in Netflix to watch, still haven't gotten arround to it. Hopefully soon!

  2. The humor between the fight scenes is very, very dry. Give the movie a chance to get going, it's definitely worth a little patience.