Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello! This is the Doomed Show #11 - The Ward & My Soul to Take

My soul takes cake. What? Seriously? You'll find out! Brad and I talk about a Carpenter movie and then a Craven movie and then we rest. And then we talk some more. You can listen or download at Podomatic. Or you can just download the episode from Mediafire. And we might be on iTunes or whatever. I DON'T KNOW!

Edit: Oh wait, you can subscribe to us on iTunes. There's a button on the right of the Podomatic page. Subscribe and your iTunes will automatically download our show when we have a new episode. Did you already know that? You did! Well, now I feel stupid! But at least I am learning how iTunes works! Yay!


  1. Looking forward to this show! I'm only half prepared yet, watched MY SOUL TO TAKE yesterday and thought it was amazing. Still waiting for THE WARD to arrive in the mail.

  2. Great show, fellas. I'm pretty much on board with your guys' thoughts on MY SOUL TO TAKE, although I think I may like it less than you do. I saw it in theaters and got to experience the pathetic 3D, and while I was underwhelmed with the movie as a whole, I admired it for its utter weirdness; it felt like a throwback to certain 80's slashers, and I think that in a decade or two from now, a new generation of horror fans will look back on MY SOUL TO TAKE as a wacky cult classic. THE WARD on the other hand, not so much. I don't dislike it as much as the majority, and I think it's put together really well in terms of how its presented (cinematography, score, etc), but I found the actual movie to be relentlessly mediocre. Just my opinion. Keep up the great work and, as always, I look forward to every episode.

  3. @MLP - Hope you dig it!

    @Aaron - Thanks, duder. I always say 'when in doubt, go weird'. I wish every director would just get sick of conventions and just throw off the wall and outrageous shit in a movie. Years later, they can claim it was intentional and I'll believe them! I definitely prefer My Soul to Take over The Ward. I liked a little more than half of The Ward. Jerp and the writers depended on so much on generic horror formula to get through the film and it really shows. Hopefully, the old guy has a few more movies up his sleeve.