Friday, January 13, 2012

Guest Blog: Underrated and Underseen Slasher Films Part 1

Hey folks! Brad's here and he's ready to lay some serious slasher titles on us! Enjoy!

There are -shockingly- folks out there that tire of seeing Friday The 13th Part 2 and Halloween over and over. I am not one of those people. But for those that are I've put together a list of my favorite underrated/underseen slasher films.

Here is the first blast:

House Of Death/Death Screams 1982 (there seems to be some internet confusion on the year)

House Of Death is in no hurry to let you feel it up. It takes its time in unfurling its charms. It is leisurely in that early '80s regional slasher film way. There's a carnival, a cemetery, a diner, and even a house of death. And archery. Some people say “meander.” I say “what's the rush?”

Night Warning 1983

This one is a doozy. Susan Tyrell gives one of the most bonkers performances I have ever seen. And Bo Svenson says some mean things. Do you love Newhart? Because this is nothing like that. Julia Duffy was never topless in Newhart. I don't think. Find this yesterday. It is crazy.

The Evictors 1979

My love for Charles B. Pierce grew two fold this year with the discovery of this and The Town that Dreaded Sundown. I think this one is my favorite of Chuck's '70s trilogy of horror films: The Legend of Boggy Creek, The Town that Dreaded Sundown, and this farmer slasher. Jessica Harper was in Suspiria and it's appropriate because on the color palate side of things this is the anti-Suspiria. All throat choking dusty browns here. Someone doesn't want Jessica and her husband living in their house. That someone is scary. I wish I was watching this right now.

To All a Goodnight 1980

Krug himself, Mr. David Hess, directs a slasher. A HOLIDAY themed slasher no less. That's important. We open with the requisite 'prank gone wrong' and then we curl up by the fire with Santa on the rampage, killing sorority girls. It's not Black Christmas, it's To All a Goodnight. There's a difference. The ending was a gift even with the dark VHS rip I watched. It needs a dvd release. Code Red? Scorpion Releasing?

The Dorm that Dripped Blood 1982

These people are not particularly good looking. But it doesn't matter because they get picked off while wandering around a dorm that is scheduled for demolition. They probably wander too much but where excessive meandering in The Prowler irritates me I don't mind it a bit in this one. Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere. Power drills and Daphne Zuniga. Good times.

To Be Continued...

-Brad Hogue

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  1. Good stuff. Two different podcasts I listen to recently covered NIGHT WARNING, and now you mentioned it in your post. Maybe it's a sign?! EVICTORS I've never even heard of, but I've been meaning to get around to seeing the others for a while now. So many movies, so little time.