Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Doomed Moviethon Turns 6 Today

Six years ago today, I launched the missile that is Doomed Moviethon at the world. Before I started this thing, I was obsessively reading sites like Horrordvds.com and Monstersatplay.com. I would get angry when I would run out of reviews to read on these sites. The next bit of inspiration came from other sites who seemed to hate horror movies. Every review was just so friggin' negative that I started to wonder why these people had ever bothered building sites in the first place. I said to myself, "That's it! Time to start my own horror movie review site and I'm gonna call it Vomit Puke Ass Movie Reviews of Ass."

Luckily, I changed it to Doomed Moviethon (with Cinema Somnambulist a close second) and the rest is history (I guess). Thanks to all of you for reading the site over the years or just finding out about it; and to all of you who have been following Cinema Somnambulist, the unnatural extension of DM. I hope you like bloggists! I also want to thank my friends and contributors: my wife LeEtta, Nafa, Brad, Eric, and Shelly. You guys friggin' rule.

Hey Zach, play me out!


  1. Congratulations, Richard. This is quite an accomplishment, and I always enjoy everything that I read at DM and CS. Be cool.

  2. @Hans - Thanks, duder! And just so you know, I'm over at Quiet Cool whenever you post. Rock and roll.

  3. Congrats! My one year for Italian Lemonade should be sometime next month.

  4. Congratulations, Richard. I can't believe it's been that long. It seems like only last year when I came across DM on the Beheaded Horror forum which you were posting on at the time.

  5. Loving this locale. I would have checked it out years ago had I known. Keep on truckin'.

  6. @Justin - Thanks! We're getting older by the second. Or are we?

    @Prof - Thank you, Prof! We're old school. Awld Squl.

    @Andrew - See? And you thought I was crazy.

    @A.D. - And long live The Bone Throne, duder! Thanks!

  7. @Anonymous - DM is actually Archduke but I could see why you'd be confused. AND THANKS! I now have a new goal.

  8. Hi there Richard. Stumbled across your page and must say I like what I see! Keep up the good work!

    I have recently started a blog on cult cinema and was wondering if you could check it out? It's called Left Field Films and I would be grateful for your input!

    Also putting a link to your page on my blog, don't have much in the way of followers yet but there's always hope haha! :)

    Thank you,


  9. Every person I've referred to the various 'Doomed Moviethons' have returned full of giddy delight and devious anticipation of their OWN demented moviethons. It's not only that you voluntarily choose to stage these endurance tests, Richard, but it's the humor and tone of your writing that makes them so engaging and distinctive.

    Again, we need a book! WE NEED A BOOK!

  10. @Davo - My ego is now swollen and blimp-like and the chip on my shoulder has a chip on its shoulder. Thank you so much, sir. Trust me, there are big book-like things in the work.