Monday, June 1, 2009

Drag Me to Hell

You know I hate to be topical but I do get out of the house once in a while, yes I do! I figured that Sam Raimi's first time directing a horror film in nearly 10 years was a reason to get my ass to the theaters. I met up with my friend and part-time moviethoner, Nafa, at Muvico Starlight 20 to catch Drag Me to Hell yesterday. When is the best time to catch a horror movie? Why Sunday morning, obviously.

The theater was almost deserted with only about 20 or 25 people showing up for the 11:00am show. Nafa and I sat almost next to each other but we had that empty seat between us (AKA 'man-space'). This prevents us from reaching for each other if things get too scary. We did not want this to turn into Drag Me to Cuddlefish or Drag Me to Spooning. My wife and his girlfriend need to be able to trust us on our man-dates. Armed with my Mountain Dew and Reece's Pieces and Nafa with his Diet Pepsi, we were fully prepared for Drag Me to Hell (or were we?).

Without doing an actual review (LAZY!!!), I will say that Drag Me to Hell is like going to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World if the animatronic ghosts threw hammers at your face. Muvico always cranks the volume so a roller coaster flick like this one with excellent sound design really kicked ass. What the film lacks in gore (no bodily dismemberments), it makes up for in gross outs, violence and some very bizarre imagery.

I consider this a must see for Sam Raimi fans. It's both scary and funny. He has taken a break from emo spiders to do something really friggin' cool. The story, the cast, the soundtrack and airtight direction are all aces. Plus, on the drive home in broad daylight, I was getting very creeped out just thinking about what I had just seen.

So let's see: $16 million for opening weekend? That's not too bad but let's not let this one drop off the map, okay folks? Go see Drag Me to Hell. You won't regret it.


  1. man, you got me interested when you said it "lacked in gore" but then i was right back to timid when you said it "made up in grossouts". I'm scared!

  2. Hehehe I always call that seat guys leave betwixt them the "I'm not gay seat."
    And yes, the movie was awesome and nauseating.